Dev-first Web3 security that starts at the source

Olympix is a pioneering DevSecOps tool that puts security in the hands of the developer by proactively securing code from day one.

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Web3 makes it easier than ever to attack and exploit


The monetary amount exploited in the web3 ecosystem to date.


The percentage increase of the total amount of funds lost to smart contract hacks between 2020-2023.


The percentage of hacks in 2022 that were due to smart contract vulnerabilities.

Scaling safely requires an entirely new approach

Security that propels devs forward, not holds them back

Mitigate Risk

Avoid being the next headline by
securing your code before you ever
deploy or get audited.

Supercharge Productivity

Embed security into the development process to avoid costly smart contract rewrites and ship faster.

Restore Power

By owning security from the start, developers become the first line
of defense. 

A paradigm shift in Web3 protection

Olympix enables you to proactively secure code as you write it so you can safely scale by hedging against the unique vulnerabilities of Web3.

Proactive Detection

We scanned the entire blockchain since genesis to build a first-of-its-kind security intelligence database that uncovers and prioritizes smart contract vulnerabilities as you code. Security is now proactive, not reactive.

Instantaneous Solutions 

Olympix intelligence empowers you to implement best practices from the very beginning with one-click quick-fix security suggestions.

Intuitive Nature

By focusing on security from day one and considering it in every decision, Olympix makes coding with a security-first mindset an intuitive part of the development process.

How It Works

Develop and deploy without delay


Olympix seamlessly integrates into your current workflow, continuously scanning for holes as you code.


Mitigate risk and move on thanks to one-click quick-fix security solutions.

Scale Safely

Ship fast and rest easy knowing you traded “stamp of approval” security for state-of-the-art security. 

Developers own security with Olympix

“Before even thinking about going to an auditor, I always make sure to run my code through Olympix. It's critical that our code/team embodies and owns security best practices, and that starts well before the auditor.”

Akul Penugonda
Founder at Stealth

"Olympix is taking the best of crypto security tools and merging it with the best of AI tooling to provide a complete developer experience. With Olympix, deploying and securing smart contracts is now accessible to developers of all levels."

Tarun Chitra
Founder and CEO at Gaunlet

"I find the highlighting of external calls to be quite useful, even when the call itself is not vulnerable. It provides valuable information for security assessments."

Hrik Bhowal
Software Developer at Original Protocol

Dev-first Web3 security that starts at the source

Put security in the hands of the developer by proactively securing code from day one.

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